<p><strong>Jojons Naturprodukter AB</strong> delivers birch wood and exports moss. The company was founded 2003 by owner Håkan Olofsson. Mr Olofsson and his employees work together with the drying and packaging of the moss as well as the splitting and packaging of wood in bags and boxes.</p><p>Opening hours: monday-friday 08.00-17.00.</p><p><strong>Services &amp; Prices</strong><br />Moss: Dry and wet moss. Dry moss packed in boxes. Delivery on wooden pallet. Wet moss, double sized boxes. delivery on wooden pallet.</p><p>Wood: Dry, cut and split wood. We sell both birch wood and mixed wood, both of good quality. All wood is stored indoors and has dried under roofs, wich means that the moisture concentration is very low.<br />The price is 500 SEK/m3 for mixed wood and 700 SEK/m3 for birch wood (roughly estimated). Available lenghts from 25 cms to 50 cms.</p><p>If you do not have the possibility of collecting your order yourself we can arrange transport.</p><p><strong>Contact &amp; Find Us</strong><br />Jojons Naturprodukter AB<br />Södra hantverksgatan 5<br />SE-842 32 SVEG, Sweden<br /><a href="https://maps.google.se/maps?q=Södra+Hantverksgatan+5,+842+31+Sveg&amp;hl=sv&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;sll=62.032867,14.344242&amp;sspn=0.011794,0.019913&amp;oq=Södra+Hantverksgatan+5,+842+31sveg&amp;hnear=Södra+Hantverksgatan+5,+842+31+Sveg&amp;t=m&amp;z=16" target="&quot;_blank">Map and directions</a></p><p>Phone: +46 680 71 13 07<br />Cellphone: +46 70 267 84 27<br />Fax: +46 680 121 89<br />E-mail: info@jojons.com</p>